Top 8 Christmas Baby Headbands & Hair Clips

Super Cute Christmas Baby Headbands & Hair Clips

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas!

If you’re looking for something to complete your babies special Christmas outfit our stunning collection of baby headbands and hair clips are perfect for Christmas celebrations for babies and toddlers! They also make fabulous Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for baby girls.

We’ve gathered together together our favourite headbands and hair clips suitable for the Xmas right here to help you choose. Some are styled particularly for Christmas and others are just the right colour or style to suit those special Xmas occasions.

Our top 8 Xmas headbands and hair clips for babies


Red Spotted Baby Headband

We call this our ballerina flower as it looks a little like a tutu but it’s also fab for toddlers Xmas!

Red Baby Headand With Spots


Christmas Korker Ribbon Hair Clip

Older girls will love our Christmas korker hair clip. This clip can be added to the side of the head or attached to a ponytail. In red and green it’s perfect for Christmas.

Christmas Hair Clip for Girls


Red Shabby Chic Hair Clip

This red shabby flower hair clip is not specifically designed for Xmas but in bright red it certainly one of our favourite Christmas hair clips for toddlers and girls. It’s fab for trendy toddlers and girls and comes on a 40-50mm clip so it’s a little too heavy to be used as a baby hair clip.

Red Shabby Flower Christmas Hair Clip


Small Red Flower Hair Clip

This gorgeous silky red flower hair clip is ideal for babies and toddlers with a good hair covering. We love this hair clip in red as it’s ideal for Christmas.

Red christmas hair clip for babies


Christmas Tree Hair Clip

Add 2 of these handmade Christmas tree hair clips to the shopping cart, place one each side of your little girls head and you are all set for a fabulous Christmas.

Christmas Tree Hair Clip


Small Red Flower Hair Clip

This red baby headband is great for babies first Christmas. Small and cute and ideal for 1 year and under.

Red Christmas Baby Headband


Christmas Santa Hair Clips

We love this very cute handmade Christmas Santa hair clip for girls. It’s best for babies over 6 months with a good covering of hair. For girls we recommend buying 2 and putting them at each side of the head.  It simply HAS to feature in a little girls Christmas hair range.

Santa Christmas Baby Hair Clip


Red Christmas Baby Headband

We love these beautiful baby headbands made from white lace and a shabby flower but in Red it is fab as a babies Christmas headband.

Red christmas baby headband with lace


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