Potty Training Nappy Pants

Potty Training Nappy Pants

These reusable training nappy pants have been specially designed to make the transition from nappy to potty easier fof both mummy and toddler.

They have been designed to look and feel like real pants, and pull on and off easily. With a hidden absorbent core which will absorb one wee, with its inner waterproof layer to minimise the effects of a little accident. It can also catch those bigger accidents and protect clothing.

The pants are fully washable and reusable, and so offer an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pull up pants.

With these pants, your child will be aware when they have wet, unlike disposable pants which absorb just as much as a nappy would, and this aids the childs recognition and control over their functions- resulting in a speedier potty training process!

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